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It's All About...Healthy Relationships

How are you and your leaders intentionally cultivating healthy Christ-centered relationships where you live, serve and worship?

One congregation I recently worked with updated their mission statement to more accurately reflect the reality that ministry today is all about healthy relationships:

                  “We cultivate thriving relationships with God, One Another, and Our Neighbors.”

If you are looking for some tools and best practices to help cultivate healthy relationships, you might
want to consider one or more of the following workshops:

                                      Knowing Your Personality Colors
                                      Holy Manners for Your Christian Ministry
                                      Identifying and Enhancing Congregational Systems
                                      Discovering Your Conflict Management Style

Workshop participants will experience a “safe” place that promotes personal discovery and new
awareness. God has been using these principles and insights to transform the hearts and minds of
individuals and whole teams. I’ve also seen the Holy Spirit use these gatherings to renew a sense of hope for the future.

During my ministry with multiple congregations, I’ve seen God change the way staff, leaders and
members serve together as they started cultivating a culture of healthy relationships. This gives me
hope that God can do a mighty thing in your midst too—as you take your next steps to intentionally
cultivate healthy Christ-centered relationships.


If you would like to begin a discernment process to see if your Christian Ministry is ready to move
forward with one or more of these workshops—please reach out to me through the message center below.

God’s Richest Blessings
Pastor Scott

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Rev. Dr. Scott G. Sommerfeld

Intentional Interim Ministry


Leadership Development


Organizational Health

   for Congregations and Non-Profits


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Pastor Scott has a passion for leadership development, helping home and congregation work
together to enrich the faith of every generation, as well as the organizational and relational health
of Christian ministries. These insights are founded on Knowing Your Personality Colors, Holy
Manners and Servant Leadership.

As a task-oriented leader Pastor Scott learned the power of healthy relationships, servant
leadership and teaming in ministry as a result of a growing sense of self-awareness (code for
figuring out he was a big part of his repeating problems at home and at work) and a desire to help
others thrive in their home and work too.

A God-directed intersection of a dear friend introducing him to servant leadership through the
workshops and books of James Hunter and the experience of guiding his own congregation
through the Colors Workshop and the Holy Manners process—led to personal self-awareness
and organizational transformation.

He has been sharing insights related to relational and organizational health learned from his
growing self-awareness (code for the school of hard knocks) for 15 years as a workshop leader at
Concordia Seminary, St. Louis, Concordia University, Ann Arbor the Michigan District Staff
and with many congregations, Christian ministries, and leadership groups.

Intentionally taking steps toward healthy relationships starts with the self-awareness that
typically comes clear during the safe and humorous Knowing Your Personality Colors
Workshop. This is the basis for cultivating an intentional environment that promotes and
encourages healthy relationships for your team and Christian ministry via the Holy Manners for
Your Christian Ministry Workshop.

If you are looking for a better understanding of the “hidden” norms that either help or hinder
your work together as Pastor and Church Board/Council then Identify and Enhance Your
Congregational Systems Workshop could be right for you.

If you and your team want to grow in managing conflict by understanding all 7 conflict
management styles and when they each hurt or harm relationships—then check out the
Identifying Your Conflict Management Style Workshop.

Pastor Scott is ready to hear your story and begin a discernment process to help you determine
the next steps you and your team might be ready to take regarding healthy relationships in your
work together.

*Congregations Served as Pastor:

Pastor Scott has served LCMS congregations for over 35 years in Louisville, KY, Kokomo, IN,
and Jenison, MI including more than 5 years in the specialized ministry known as Intentional
Interim Ministry (IIM). He currently serves St. Paul Lutheran Church and School, Ann Arbor as
Vacancy Sr. Pastor. Previously he served as Interim Sr Pastor at Living Water, Whitmore Lake,
Community, Flat Rock, Trinity, Jackson and Trinity, Utica.


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